All golfers needs to work on holing out as the short putts are crucial if you want to shoot lower scores.

A good way to narrow your focus in practice is to aim at a small spot within the hole. To do this, place a tee peg in the back and centre of a hole and putt from 3ft away.

Make sure your ball is hitting the tee peg in the centre of the hole every time, so when you head out to the course the holes will seem huge and inspire confidence, especially when you know that you were holing them dead-centre on the practice green. Try and hit the tee peg five times in a row and work your way back gradually from 3ft to 6ft.

When playing on the course try to have that same confidence that the ball will roll and hot the imaginary tee peg that would be placed inside the hole. Visioning the ball going in the hole and narrowing your focus is a great way to SUCCESS!

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