This sounds very simply and really obvious, but I see too many players miss-read putts because they don’t look at the putt from multiple angles.

Try to feel the green through your feet as you walk around the various angles.

Your feet are great indicators of slopes. We naturally know when we are walking uphill, downhill, sidehill. This is implemented in great detail through the AIMPOINT green reading system.

The side of the putt will give you a look at the distance and up/down-hill and the low side will always give you the best look at the slopes.

Visualize the ball going in the hole from each angle you look at the putt from. By the time you start your stroke you will have seen it go in from 4-5 different views.

Imaging the ball going in the hole is essential to you being a more successful putter. You should be trying to make every single putt not the old saying of just getting the ball close.

If you are just trying to get the ball close you are simply "TRYING TO MISS!"

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